Solar systems in alleppey
Solar systems in alleppey


At a time when the household budget of the common man is in disarray due to the rise in fossil fuel prices, it does not seem that they can think of anything less than an electric vehicle. As per the policy announced by the Government of Kerala, about 10 lakh electric vehicles are expected on our roads by 2025. With so many vehicles arriving, we need to set up enough charging stations for it.

A charger has multiple advantages over a 13A plug -

  • EV Chargers depending upon their rated capacity can charge your EV at much faster rates (multiple times) compared to 13A plug point.
  • EV Chargers comes with many in-built protection systems which enhances the overall safety.
  • EV Chargers comes with OTP / RFID authorization systems. So you can rest assured that no one can misuse charging point at your parking lot without your permission.
  • Most EV Chargers comes with features like remote access and control, smart
  • We are also making preparations in collaboration with well-known companies in this field.

Solar systems in alleppey