tharayil power


Tharayil Power is a company that we incorporated in 2018 for our customers to understand the importance of energy conservation in this changing era and implement appropriate rejuvenation plans. Solar Power Plants, Solar Water Heaters, BLDC fans and DC house wiring are just a few of the products we have chosen for Energy Conservation.

Customer satisfaction in each project is our profit and happiness. By marketing only quality products, we are able to maintain customer loyalty at all times. In addition, we communicate with each customers at regular intervals after each project completion and carry out quality inspections.

Moreover, our team is thinking about how to implement projects through innovative ideas and bring its benefits to the customers. Achieving this goal of ours requires continuous consultation with the expert people in the field.

As in many other areas, we are in the process of working on a variety of projects that will benefit ordinary people and women in small business. With this becoming a reality, a lot of people will be able to get products at affordable prices. We believe every customer can trust to buy quality products from us.